How to be based!

Destroyed by facts and logic! If you're on the internet a lot you might be aware we value facts and logic.. like a lot! Rationality is what actually started our technological advancements, which is what created the internet in the first place! That might be the reason why, and we love to destroy feminists, or... Continue Reading →

The rational-minded approach

Strive for objectivity! A lot of us think we, more or less, know what reality is. But it's never black and white and we cannot always be so sure that what we believe is the complete and full truth. If you're seeking to know something about reality you have to look at what you actually... Continue Reading →

A lesson in increasing wellness

Attitude of increasing wellness If you ever get committed to a mental health ward, you might be very annoyed by all the correction and the demands, and there is a very real sense that there is nothing wrong with who you are that definitely stands in the way of improving. But even if you have... Continue Reading →

Millennial state of mind!

Vunerability in the 21st century In the 21st century we value vunerability more than we did in the past. There's a lot less stigma towards mental illness and differences and now we try to express ourselves honestly and authentically, and to not hide our flaws. We are free to be open and show ourselves how... Continue Reading →

Occult matters of daily life

Engage to win! The hidden aspect of daily life. We find enjoyment in our lives by engaging. Think of it like a magical ritual; cleaning your apartment is exorsising evil spirits; tieing your shoelaces is removing bad mojo. There's a meticulousness that comes from attending to your daily affairs as if you are performing a... Continue Reading →

Novelty; the spice of life

To be chained, or be tranquil? You may think just being who you are should be enough to interest others, but the fact is there is a lot of things competing for that attention. There's funny cat videos, educational content, books, video games and a lot of other people they could be giving their attention... Continue Reading →

A divine comedy of modern living

Could I even be happy? You ultimately create your own happiness. There's no single person who could force you to be happy if you were dead-set on being miserable. Of course no one truly wants to be miserable, we might want parts of it, like having edgy humor or bad boy appeal but we all... Continue Reading →

How to improve a difficult circumstance

Make the most out of your double-bind! A double bind is placed on you when you are in a situation with two opportunities which both lead to failure. This sounds like an impossible situation to be placed in. If you have two opportunities and both lead to failure, how do you choose? Why would you... Continue Reading →

The secret of knowledge

Get knowledge through hard work! You gain knowledge through a slow, tedious grind. Knowledge is power, and people with power do not share it easily. All knowledge is tediously encrypted to where it becomes impossible to understand without a massive amount of effort. This is the reason people stay in power who have power, they... Continue Reading →

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